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Great Storage Tips from Two Great Interior Designers
This special post at HuffingtonPost.co.uk contains storage tips from Suna Interior Design co-director Rebecca Tucker and Atlas Interiors Senior Interior Designer James Lawrenson. Tucker shares her tips on how to buy a bed with a storage space under, how to properly display vintage bags, how to maximize the kitchen space using cabinets and storage inside the bathroom, using a vintage trunk as coffee table, and others. Among the ideas shared by Lawrenson, include tips on how to choose furniture with storage space, organizing free-standing shelves and display shelves, advantages of using tall drawers, and usage of vintage suitcases as an alternative storage system.

Look to Oprah.com for Tips on How to Get Organized
Many people feel that they would be able to get more done during the day if they could get more organized. Look no further than the Oprah.com web site for helpful tips to help you get and stay on track. Simply type "organize" into the handy search box to see a list of articles and videos on this topic. Visitors to the site will find organizational tips for women, children, people trying to lose weight, how to train your brain to get more done in less time, how to clutter-proof your home, organizing the kitchen, the 10 habits of highly organized people, small space solutions, organizing for travel, and more. There's even an article on the topic of what to do when organizing isn't enough.

Learn How to Get Organized
If you want to get organized but don't know how or where to start, check out this informative site. You will find the idea of organization broken down into a series of articles focusing on topics like how to deal with clutter, cleaning a closet, and storing collectibles. Other articles give advice about storing out-of-season clothing items and the value of making lists to help you stay on track. Be sure to read through the top myths associated with organization to find out how many of them apply to you.

Get Electric Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas
If you are interested in building an electric outdoor fireplace in your backyard, check out the design ideas posted on this web site. Find out about what types of materials are typically used to build these units and get design tips. Visitors to this site will find out about fuel choices and get tips for choosing the right location for your electric outdoor fireplace.

Get the Scoop About Home Organization from Professionals
Find out how to get your home organized from a professional organizer. You will get tips and hints you can use to clean out your files, garage and home. To make your life run smoother, check out the free planners, lists and pamphlets offered here. Spending some time here can help you save money and raise the fun quotient in your life If you want to get help to make your life more organized to help you have more time for the things that matter - like spending time with family and friends - this is the site for you.

Look to the Organization Wizard for Help
The GetOrganized.com web site is chock full of information to help you get your life running more smoothly. It includes tips for taking action to get past feeling overwhelmed by procrastination, as well as tools that you can use to bring clutter to its figurative knees. Visitors to the site will find informative articles on topics such as setting goals, managing time and personal organization. Various programs and products are also offered here.

Organization Tips for Homes and Busy Families
Check out the CreativeHomemaking web site for information you can use on helpful topics like getting organized at holiday time, organizing parties effectively and making more time for yourself. Taking control of clutter, time management and making the best use of your kitchen space are also covered here. You will also find helpful tips for organizing homework, keeping paper clutter under control and making bill payments more simple.

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