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How to Play Foosball
Foosball instructions are available in this article, including learning basic skills, why you should not spin the rods, how to hit the ball hard, how to aim, the open hand or fan technique, and wrist-flicking. More information can be found about 3-rod shots, defensive region shots, interceptions and pining.

Table Tennis
Many people know ping-pong. It's the game that is usually played in the basement with an opponent, with plastic paddles in hand that made the distinctive noises when a ball was struck. A fun game it was, sort of like playing T-ball with huge yellow plastic bats or nerf football. But like those two familiar games, ping-pong also has a real sport behind it. Table Tennis can be classified as a major sport worldwide, with millions of participants, major tournaments (with its own superstars), and many other things that make a sport truly a class of its own. The equipment can be had for a reasonable price, and the sport is played indoors so year-round competition and practice is possible. A game requires only two players at the least, and typically lasts around 30 minutes, enabling quick matches during breaks, etc. Site includes a large selection of ping pong supplies and products for table tennis enthusiasts.

The Austin Air Hockey Association
This site is aimed primarily at serious air hockey players in the Austin area. Obviously Austin takes its air hockey seriously, and if air hockey is important to you then you will be interested in the player profiles, the extensive list of local tournaments, photos of local players and tournament play, and a list of virtually every place in Austin where you can play air hockey. Additionally this site contains a list of national air hockey resources and a list of links to other air hockey sites around the world. You can also join their mailing list for free. If you're an "air head", especially a fan who lives in the Austin area, then this is a site you'll want to visit often.

Foosball Information
Foosers can unite at this foosball game portal. Site includes foosball articles, photographs, game strategies and tactics, foosball tournament results, foosball playing tips, foosball books and resources, and links to other foosball sites. A foosball message board offers visitors the chance to connect with others who love the game.

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