Area Rugs Collecting Resources

The Hajji Baba Club
The Hajji Baba Club is an oriental rug collectors' organization that features club newsletters, collectors' choices of oriental rugs, a photo archive and resourceful Oriental rug links.

Oriental Rugs the O'Connell Guide
This is a Web site by Barry O’Connell, who publishes information about Oriental rugs, especially Persian Rugs and Islamic Art. This site takes time to focus on rug-makers, with articles nard photographs of how they create their crafts. There are sections on Mazlaghan, Mood, Nahavend, Heriz, Isfahan, Enjelas, Arak rugs and much, much more. Other sections include Turkish rugs, Uzbek rugs, Baluch rugs and more. Noted on the homepage is an article about how to clean rugs, as he visited a rug-cleaning seminar.

TurkoTek is a non-commercial site for collectors of mostly antique oriental rugs and other ethnographic textiles, where rug enthusiasts can connect. It overs tribal rugs and textiles from central and western Asia, Khorjin, Tentband, Kilims, Torba, Juval, Turkmen, Belouch, and Afshar. The site includes articles, discussion forums, archives of salons and selected discussions, a portrait gallery where site participants can add their portrait so participants can feel more connected to each other, attribution guides, course outlines, maps, TurkoTek history and links to informational and educational rugs sites.

Rug Collecting
Popular book titles for rug collectors, including Contemporary Rugs: Art and Design by Christopher Farr, Dhurries: History, Pattern, Technique, Identification by Nada Caldecott, Weaving a World: Textiles and the Navajo Way of Seeing by Paul Zolbrod, Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets by Barry Friedman, Carpets and Rugs of Europe and America by Sarah B Sherrill and other titles about tribal rugs, antique rugs and tapestries and oriental carpets. History and origins of rugs and their makers are included.

deYoung Museum: Textile Arts
The Caroline and H. McCoy Jones Department of Textile Arts contains an extensive collection of images and information on more than 13,000 textiles and costumes from traditions around the world. A very wide range of techniques are represented, including loom-woven, non-woven fabrics such as bark cloth, felt and knitting, and objects embellished with beading and embroidery. Highlights from the collection include exceptional Turkmen carpets and the most important group of Anatolian kilims outside Turkey. Dating from the 15th to the 19th century, the Anatolian kilims include a variety of design types and regional styles, as well as superb examples of artistic and visual prowess.

How Good is My Rug Collecting
There are a lot of curious reasons why people collect rugs, some of which make little sense to anyone not so bitten. People participate in rug collecting to own fabulous rugs, win competitions, to learn about the industry, have fun meeting others interested in rugs, make money off the products and to be in the collecting industry. The author of this article talks about his fascination with rug collection, as well as tales of life as a rug collector.

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