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Investing in the Hotel Industry
The fact that the American hotel industry has rebounded since 2013 is evident in this article from Investment U. Despite the 2008 financial crisis walloping the industry, tourism and in particular hotel industry has managed to bounce back. The revenue per room or REVPAR, an important metric for the hospitality industry, jumped by 10 percent in 2014 and has been rising ever since. In the financial years 2013-2014, the American hotels reported $17 billion to $25 billion worth of transactions. The beneficial effects of this trend have shown up in balance sheets, annual reports, and in hotel stocks. This article provides an in-depth analysis of blue-chip hotel stocks in the U.S.

An Overview of Why and How to Invest in Real Estate
This is an introductory guide to real estate for new investors, which may be used by beginner or experienced real estate investors to make logical decisions about property acquisitions through the studied approach. This article from The Balance includes such topics as what is real estate investing, using this investment option to generate rental income, real estate vs. stocks, real estate investments through REITs, different types of real estate investments, investing in home ownership, risks of real estate investing, and some final thoughts.

International Investors Flood the Spanish Hotel Market
Fortune magazine in this article, dated 2014, reviewed the re-emergence of the Spanish hotel market. After several years of hiatus following 2008 collapse, now real estate investors are once again flooding the Spanish hotel market. According to CBRE Spain, 2014 began with 724 Million Euros pumped into the market, plummeting rents, and rising office buildings. These factors have refueled the Spanish hotel market. Read the full article to get a better glimpse into the world of the resurfacing Spanish hotel industry.

Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels: Is Miami Real Estate a Good Investment?
The Ask Avenue raises a pertinent question, given the climate change warning and rising sea levels in coastal Florida, is Miami worth an investment consideration? According to climate change experts, Miami has a good chance of getting submerged by flood in 15 years from now. The only way the Miami city planners can prevent such a disaster is by building appropriate infrastructure. A Risky Business Project Report published in 2015 warned that flood waters will reach the doorsteps of South Florida residents by 2030, which could potentially drive properties worth $69 billion under water. The private property owners have to raise their existing walls, and the city has to divert the flood water into the ocean. The prices of luxury properties are steadily falling, and the Miami real estate forecast is that investment in new builds will be better as they will conform to safe building codes.

Hotel Business Review
The Hotel Business Review has provided original, time sensitive real estate investment related content for more than 15 years. The topics discussed on this publication usually affect the hotel owners, developers, operators, investors, and executives. The Hotel Business Review publishes best practices literature acquired directly from hotel industry professionals. All the reports published on this site are highly relevant, timely, and authoritative, which makes them credible to the global hospitality segment. Every month, the digital magazine publishes a feature article on an emerging growth market in the hotel industry. It also offers an online archive containing over 3,000 best practice white papers covering all aspects of hotel management and operations. These materials are available to subscribers only.

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate
This CrowdStreet article tries to explore why the U.S. commercial real estate market has been able to hold its ground through the recession and economic recovery. According to this article, six solid reasons explain the sustained growth and stability of the U.S. commercial real estate market. The article states that currently, many domestic and international investors are interested in parking their funds in the U.S. commercial real estate market as it promises safety and steady returns on investment. Read this article to find out the six key drivers behind the apparent success of the U.S. commercial real estate market.

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