New Engines for Formula 1 (F1) H2O Powerboats
Motorboats & Yachting discusses the typical engines made for Formula 1 powerboat races. This engine is a revolutionary design to challenge Mercury Marine and was prepared to be tested at the opening round of the UIM Formula One Powerboat World Championship. Designed by the Caudwell Racing team of South Africa, the engine sported a 4-stroke, 3.5lt overhead camshaft unit. The engine has been estimated to run as high as 8,500 rpm in race trim and will prove a real challenge to Mercury Marine’s 2-stroke, 450 horsepower EFI engines.

American Motorcycle Racing Association
Are you an American motorcycle racing enthusiast? Then this site is for you. is the site of American Motorcycle Racing Association(AMRA). AMRA is the oldest organization, overseeing the American V-Twin (Harley) drag racing. The typical racing events that this organization hosts are drag racing, bike shows, biker rodeos, along with camping and live entertainments. This organization boasts millions of followers and fans. The website publishes breaking news, events, racing product reviews, opinion pieces and more on regular basis. AMRA is about to launch a new website.

Offshore Powerboat Racing
Wikipedia here introduces you powerboat racing fans to offshore powerboat racing. According to this article, offshore powerboat racing is pursued by ocean-going powerboats. The offshore powerboat racing was officially recognized as a sports event in 1904, when the powerboats travelled from the south-eastern coast of England to Calais, France. The American Power Boat Association was formed in the U.S. shortly afterwards. The first U.S. powerboat race took place in 1911 in California. In the U.S., offshore powerboat racing is led by the APBA, and broadly consists of races hosted by OSS, OPA Racing, and P1. These races are usually funded by both private and commercial sponsors.

All About the Sport of NASCAR
NASCAR is the acronym for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. NASCAR Sprint cup racing series, also known as the Winston Cup and then the Nextel Cup, is a highly prestigious race, watched by millions around the globe. The other two flagship race series from NASCAR are the Nationwide Series, once known as the Busch Series and the Camping World Truck Series, previously called the Craftsman. The Sprint Cup showcases best race cars, race car drivers, and racing teams. Out of 43 race cars participating in this cup, the fastest car in the qualifying round will start first in the race. The Sprint Cup also holds championship races throughout the year. The Nationwide series was launched in 1982. Considered second tier to the Sprint Cup, this racing series is also highly competitive and popular. The Camping World Truck Series, the third tier in NASCAR races, races modified pick-up trucks.

Formula One Racing News
The Formula One season is heating up, with so many things happening and the leader board is still up for grabs. Whether it will be Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton who will become the Formula One champion is anyone's guess at the moment. Autoweek brings the latest events, news and updates from the world of Formula One so that you always know what is happening and taking place in your favorite motor racing sport. Find out which F1 team will stand on the podium once the season comes to an end and also figure out how the teams at the bottom of the rung are adding excitement by earning their first F1 points.

Drag Racing Underground
The story behind this Drag Racing Underground website began in 1986, when John Gill and Diana, jointly started the Drag Racing Underground. This duo was committed to visually documenting drag racing in a manner that stimulates the human senses. Bubbling enthusiasm of Diana and directorial endeavors coupled with fascinating camera of John rocked the world of drag racing videos and DVDs, taking the fans by surprise. The drag racing footage contained here are full of high-quality sounds, animation, and graphics. Any ardent fan of drag racing will have a great time watching the videos.

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