Do-It-Yourself Lighting Projects

Build a 3-D Virtual Lightbulb Using Bryce Animation
Bryce is an extremely powerful 3-D animation program, allowing the realistic rendering of objects for computer animation purposes. This particular tutorial explains step by step how to render a lightbulb. Special emphasis is given to creating a very contemporaty lighting look to the bulb. Each step of the animation layering process is carefully explained in such detail that with practice anyone using the Bryce animation program could render a variety of extremely realistic-looking lighting fixtures, including outdoor lighting fixtures, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, deck lighting, garden lighting, chandeliers, floor lamps, and a wide range of home lighting fixtures and wall sconces. Whether as an architectural rendering, or a home design or animation piece, the Bryce Animation program can allow you to experiment with a wide variety of lighting styles and techniques without ever once touching the real thing.

Lighting Systems Control by Electronic House Magazine
Planning lighting concepts is easy with this informative guide that includes directions on how to prewire, route low-voltage cables and understand keypads. Add-ons noted include occupancy sensors or lighting motion detectors and photocell detectors. Installation via low-voltage wiring or electrical wiring is also noted. A section on wireless lighting control tops off the narrative, and includes information about lighting dimmers.

Installing Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting
An easy-to-read article about outdoor lighting concepts. Low-voltage lighting is discussed, including kits to help people install their own lighting. Step-by-step instructions for installing a GFCI outlet are included, as is information on weatherproofing outdoor lighting fixtures.

How to Install Track Lighting
Learn how to install track lighting, which uses individual lamps and lighting heads that fit into tracks secured to your ceiling. The choices in lighting heads for track lighting range from small, unobtrusive can-shaped fixtures to large, high-tech lamps that lend drama to an interior space. Tips for installing track lighting include studying the layout of the room, and planning for the first section of installation. Making sure to shut off the circuit breaker is key, followed by removing the globe or diffuser and bulb from the existing ceiling fixture. Using a toggle-bolt-type hollow-wall fastener, the lengths of track are held to the ceiling. With all the tracks and connectors assembled and secured to the ceiling, it's time to attach the electrical wires that supply power to the system. By resuming power, you can check your work and make sure the lighting is functional. Photos make this track lighting installation website helpful.

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