Home Repair and Maintenance

How to Maintain Indoor Water Features
Once you have a decorative indoor fountain placed in your home, you may think that all you need to do now is enjoy it. The fact is, if you want to enjoy your indoor water feature for a number of years, you will need to conduct some regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly. Find out why using tap water in your indoor fountain is not the best choice, why it's important to add an anti-algae product, and the importance of adding fresh water to your fountain on a regular basis. If you follow the advice posted here, your indoor fountain will be a thing of beauty for a long time to come.

Home Maintenance Help
Provided by the Department of Environmental Design, University of Missouri-Columbia, this section of the website provides a plethoria of publications for do-it-youself home maintenance. It covers many areas of home repair, from popluming, wood porch flooring and screened doors and windows, to fixing cracks in concrete sidewalks and caulking and filling cracks around windows and doors. There are publications on exterior painting and wood finishing, as well as how to restore funiture, and much more.

Auto Body Repair: Auto Painting on YouTube
YouTube has a number of auto body repair videos posted on the site on the subject of auto painting. Selected topics in this category include videos dealing with sanding the car, mixing the paint and custom auto painting tips. Building an auto paint room and other how-to auto body repair videos have also been posted here. For auto paint Los Angeles, go to Westwood Auto Body on Westwood Blvd., just north of Olympic.

Manual for Manufactured and Mobile Home Repairs and Upgrades
Help for the consumer needing to repair or just plain understand their manufactured home is available here. Choose from articles on adding on to your mobile home, cutting down a new exterior door, installing a ceiling fan, adding a fixture shut-off value, tightening a loose electrical outlet box, leveling your home and determining whether rubber roofing is right for you or news on how HUD can help in emergency situation and the questions you should ask before purchasing a manufactured home. Seasonal tips, like information on furnaces, appear from time-to-time, and consumers can place ads for buying and selling mobile homes.

Get Roofing Contractor Advice Here
Check out this informative blog if you are looking for tips on how to choose the right roofing contractor and when it makes sense to replace your roof instead of repairing it. You will also be able to read posts addressing a number of other topics, such as how to prevent ice dams and materials selection.

Caring for Hardwood Floors
Learn how to clean and maintain hard wood floors from WoodFloorDoctor.com, with tips for preventing damage from spills, cleaners and dirt, as well as care instructions how to mop, vacuum and dust hard wood floors. Includes information about how to tell if you need new flooring, discovering the existing condition of your floor, as well as information on acrylic, waxes, polyurethane and other sealants and finishes. The article talks about water-based cleaners as the safest and easiest of cleaners, and PH neutral cleaners as the best cleaning agent for a new floor. Learn how to care for cigarette burns, squeaks, stains and perform other repairs.

Home Repair Stuff, Home Improvement, Do It Yourself
This comprehensive do it yourself site offers repair tips, advice and help on painting, plumbing, cleaning, maintenance, stains, pests, restoration, light bulbs, fans, water heaters, locks, etc. It also offers tips on choosing the right tools and finding the right professional for the job if you don't want to do it yourself.

Visit the site: HomeRepairAndCare.com.

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