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Moving Tips
This website presents tips for making an organized move. When it comes to relocation, it's important to organize your house and belongings. Making a list and keep simple files. Create a labeling system, too. Getting enough boxes for the move is required, as is making sure you have enough moving supplies. Keep boxes light, and utilize wardrobe boxes to help move comforters, linens, pillows and blankets. Site also includes tips for color coding your move and strategizing with your movers to set up box arrival timing.

Different Storage Solutions for Homes
This Storage Solution for Home page at StyleAtHome.com has so far 13 blog posts. Each post has brilliant solutions for having an organized clothes cabinet. A special article contains an excerpted from How to Cheat at Organizing by Jeff Bredenberg. There are also posts that contain useful tips for proper keeping of food and jewelry. Some posts have suggestions on how to maximize the space of a room so it can be more functional and clutter-free. Two posts are dedicated to organizing a garage, while another post explains some tips on how to storage holiday-related items.

Home Organization Checklists
Checklists.com provides checklists of all sorts in many categories besides home organization. Home improvement, selling a home, entertaining guests, childproofing a house, organizing kitchens, obtaining flood insurance, checking your furnace, and preventing burglaries are topics presented, and each topic includes various checklists to ensure you are organized at home. When you need to plan for family and personal events, turn to these checklists.

The Organizing Network
The Organizing Network brings members and experts together to create an "organized" environment in which to get and stay organized!. The high-quality site offers a lot of resources, categorized into 5 Core Life Zones: Self, Finance, Family, Home and Work. In each "Zone" section there is a featured article of the month, and expert of the month. Additional articles are provided as well as featured books. There's an enormous article archive on the site accessible by anyone which can be searched by title/subject or author. The site offers checklists and how-to's, and the ability to find an expert in your area.

Setting Up a Monthly Calendar for the Family
If you think your family is busy read about the logistics nightmare that this family goes through. Trying to juggle football, baseball, church, PTA, soccer and dozens of smaller activities that keep a family afloat, there was only one thing to do: design and implement a monthly calendar to spread the workload out and keep everyone on time and on schedule without anyone suffering a nervous breakdown. There's more to setting up a family monthly calendar than just writing names and jobs next to dates and times. There are seven main problem areas that you need to juggle if you want your family calendar to run smoothly and to do the job it was designed to do. This site details all seven areas of concern and details what to do and what not to do to make even the busiest of homes run more smoothly. If you'd like help getting control of your daily household routine, stop by this site and take a look at the seven steps you need to consider in setting up a workable monthly family calendar.

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