Home Organization Resources (03)

Bathroom Organizing Ideas
If you're short on space in the bathroom, there are a number of ways you can optimize the space you do have to work with. Presented are tips that worked well for one woman and her family. She incorporated jewelry racks to organize all of her family's jewelry, and uses small corner shelves to create more space. The bathroom is a great place to keep your bathrobe. Place a self-adhesive hook on either the back of your bathroom door, or on the wall behind the door. Hang your bathrobe up after each use, and it's ready for next time. A way to organize the clutter on your bathroom counter is to buy a plastic tub with a handle on top. Place all your bathroom accessories (hair sprays, lotions) in the tub and place under the counter. When you're ready to use, just take the tub out. When you're done put the tub back under the counter. She suggests using shower caddies to organize family bath supplies.

Wide Selection of Solutions for Clothes Closets Organization
This section at Better Homes and Gardens (BHG.com) is a compilation of tips on how to have an organized closet, along with photos to serve as guide for the household. There are nearly three dozens of pages that feature various styles of closets in different locations inside the house, and how to organize them. This includes closets for growing kids, men, coats, towels, shoes, socks, as well as for multiple purposes. It also contains recommendations on how to maximize the space of closets, how to arrange clothes properly, and how to repurpose boxes and containers for clothes storage.

Get Organized on Disney Family
Disney's Family website has many articles to help the whole family can get organized with different ideas such as storage solutions, clutter busters, family management organizers, and kids information centers. Just run a keyword search on the site for organizing. The site includes photos and directions for using various storage solutions, such as a CD rack tower, kids' room table, personalized storage boxes and a space-saver organizer. Clutter buster section includes information about coat, hat and glove boxes, handy hangers, simple shelves, storage benches and more. Information center has tips for in-out boxes, kitchen organizing, letterboxes and more. The family manager section includes information about a book and magazine organizer, a home key organizer, a kitchen cleaning caddy and a work bench - all that can help your family stay organized.

Back-to-School Organization
Get organized for the new school year with easy-to-make clothes, crafts and tasty lunchbox recipes. If you're heading for college, learn how to manage your finances and design your dorm room, and then find out about some unique schools for adults as well as teens. Links provided for topics such as: organizing kid clutter, running errands, recycling alarm clocks, organizing your schedule, locker organizer, bedtime routine, healthy backpacks, kids' retro fashion, school wardrobe, T-Shirt dress, wearable concoctions, lunchtime dishes and ideas, beaded pens, children's activities, pen pals, school days table, useful children's crafts, cleaning kit for kids, college student care packages, luxury dorms, mailing food, money matters for college students, student living, and student living rooms and locations.

Get Help to Tackle Any Home Organization Issue
Clutter and chaos in your life get in the way of your having the kind of life you want and deserve. If you have resolved not to spend one more minute being influenced by these factors, you will find helpful articles posted here. Check out helpful tips for getting your kitchen organized, find out how to use closet organizers effectively or discover how to tackle the paper problem in your home office. Garages can be a catch-all for clutter, and you can find suggestions for using this space effectively, too.

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