Bathroom Makeover/Remodeling

Personalizing Your Bathroom
If you are inspired by photographs of beautiful personalized bathroom remodeling and redecorating, than this site is for you. The photos on this site speak for themselves. Start with hand-pained flowers starting above the bathroom mirror and then flowing down the walls. Next is a faux finish cabinet, followed by details of the flower designs and examples of the flow designs used to cover the towel closet and a beautiful niche. The designs are intended to inspire you into finding ways to liven up and beautify your bathroom with a little paint, a little time and possibly a little skill. It would be possible for a less talented artisan to achieve a similar effect using modern stencils. Get inspired—let your mind flow!

Bathroom Topics on
The Home & Garden channel on has lots of information on bathroom and many other home repair and home interior topics. There nearly 1900 article titles just on home interior. There are many general articles on interest to bathroom redesign and remodeling. More specific articles include decorating ideas for a country bathroom; how to replace a broken tile floor; how to hide pipes that are on show; seascape inspirational ideas for your bathroom; ways to remodel an outdated bathroom; how the choice of bathroom taps can add drama and style to bathroom decor; easy ways to transform a bathroom; how to brighten up a boring bathroom; things to consider when upgrading a bathroom; how to convert old furniture into a bathroom vanity; how to hang a towel bar; ideas for using the space under a wall mounted sink; decorating ideas for small bathrooms; tips for a budget bath redo, and much more. In the home repair section, you'll find articles on tips for removing a tub spout; essential information before hiring a plumber; how to locate a toilet leak; how to fix a toilet; how to install a faucet; how to unclog bathtub water supply plumbing, the economics of solar water heaters, as well as topics such as which is the better DIY store, Home Depot or Lowe's?, and how to find the perfect contractor and what to ask before hiring the contractor.

Bathroom Design on
The Bathroom Design section of has something like 200 features on bathroom design ideas. Here's a just small sampling of what you'll find on the site: reader-submitted photos of restored vintage bathrooms; designing a Zen bathroom; investing in a soaking tup for a Zen bathroom; incorporating two different style into one master bathroom; bathroom vanities; adding a touch of Tuscany for Old World glamour or modern flair; Euro-style faucets; islands-inspired bath decoration; farmhouse bath; old world-setyle bathroom; adding classic handcrafted furniture; a sophisticated Asian bathroom; a Miami chic designer bath; a stylish Moroccan bathroom, $50 bathroom upgrades, and much more.

Bathroom Design: Plans, Layouts and Decorating Ideas
Some of the new inventions in bathroom design include ultra-thin electric floor heating systems that are installed under tile, body spa—customized showering with multiple water jets—or a system that will slightly warm your mirrors so they remain crystal clear despite the steam. Besides these luxuries we'll introduce you to many other ideas such as the proper lighting, the length of a perfect bathroom or how to remodel a bathroom if you have limited space. Website offers information about bathroom ideas, bathroom design, bathroom remodeling, bathroom floor plans and layouts and small bathroom design.

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