The Sport of Biking/Cycling is the official website of Shular Scudamore for his biking journey across America. His aim is to raise funds for His Wheels International, a non-profit cycling organization. The site also contains bicycle tips such as how to choose the right bike and gears, cycling tour shoes, and how to maintain a bicycle chain. A separate page has a list of bicycle routes maps including the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). Another page has bicycle training tips and resources. Mr. Scudamore has also been updating his blog, where he chronicles his biking journey since April 2012.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to keeping mountain biking trails in and around Washington open for cyclists. This website features news about the organization's efforts toward trail building and maintenance, sustainable recreation, advocacy, and recreation. On the website, one can find not just news about the groupís work, but also a calendar of the groupís activities. There is also a section focused on mountain bike classes for all skill levels, special clinics, and youth dirt camps. One can also find maps of different Washington biking trails and information on the different chapters of the statewide organization.

Preventing Hamstring Fatigue While Biking
It's inevitable that body parts will get tired with the rigorous movements cycling brings. This article is a great offering of information about how to prevent hamstring fatigue during cycling. The author recommends downstroking, since most of a cyclists power is released during the downstroke. Backstroking is also effective, as each pedal stroke reaches a crisis moment when one pedal is at 12 o'clock and the other is at 6 o'clock. Since neither leg is engaged in a downstroke, creating a little bit of power in this "dead spot" carries momentum through to the next downstroke. The backstroke lets the hamstring muscles relax a little. Upstrokes are also vital. The movements of the upstroke are hip-flexion (lifting the knee) and knee-flexion (lifting the foot). Since the hip-flexors are active only in this range of the pedal stroke, they should be the primary muscle contracting. Efficient riders relax the hamstrings during the upstroke phase.

If you live and breathe cycling, then Cycling News is for you. This website, which is a product of Immediate Media, brings up-to-date news about cycling, cycling race reports and results, profiles of cycling teams from different countries, cycling gear and paraphernalia reviews, articles and features on cycling technology, a calendar of cycling races all over the world, and a forum where cycling enthusiasts come together to talk about different cycling topics. The website also features blogs by Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Marc Madiot, Leah Kirchmann, and Michael Woods, among others. You can also find a Daily Deals section where you can get cycling gear at great prices.

10 Track Riding Tips for Beginners
Track riding can be terrifying for beginners, but multi world champs medalist Rob Hayles has great tips on how it is being done properly. This includes proper preparation, the different kinds of wheels, how to get the right bike, how to do the correct riding position, and how to choose the right gears. You will also have an idea on how to get used in riding a fixed wheel bike, how to manage the bank, and how to bike along with other racers on the track. There are also tips about the events and how to handle a track meeting.

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