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Bike Aero Bar Design
This personal home page offers useful information about the good and bad aspects about using aero bars on his front wheel bike. The writer didn't like the aero bars because they created two sets of bars and he could only use one. Another problem was the wind drag. He eventually got rid of the portion of the bars that he didn't use. Photographs are included.

Preventing Hamstring Fatigue While Biking
It's inevitable that body parts will get tired with the rigorous movements cycling brings. This article is a great offering of information about how to prevent hamstring fatigue during cycling. The author recommends downstroking, since most of a cyclists power is released during the downstroke. Backstroking is also effective, as each pedal stroke reaches a crisis moment when one pedal is at 12 o'clock and the other is at 6 o'clock. Since neither leg is engaged in a downstroke, creating a little bit of power in this "dead spot" carries momentum through to the next downstroke. The backstroke lets the hamstring muscles relax a little. Upstrokes are also vital. The movements of the upstroke are hip-flexion (lifting the knee) and knee-flexion (lifting the foot). Since the hip-flexors are active only in this range of the pedal stroke, they should be the primary muscle contracting. Efficient riders relax the hamstrings during the upstroke phase.

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire
The tips for fixing a flat tire on this website are useful, especially for triathlon cyclists. These notes come from a clinic taught by an expert. The author notes to first shift into the smallest gear, then open the rear brakes. Remove the rear tire and push the valve-in, making sure not to pull it out toward the tire axle. The rest of the tips here sum up how to change a tire during a race - a must have for cyclists who want to get the change done and keep on riding.

Triathlon Tips Including Cycling Training
For monthly updated tips on becoming a better triathlete, this website offers e-Tips to present Ultrafit's views of information on training and nutrition for endurance athletes. Recent topics include recovering from an injury faster, tailoring a cycling warm-up routine, ability and motivation, ways to push harder, training while traveling and structuring race weeks. These tips are easy to read and sure to help any triathlete improve their sport.

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