The Sport of Biking/Cycling

Triathlon Biking Transitions
The transition area is 'another discipline' in the triathlon sport. It is the area that is set out to hold your bikes and kit for the three stages of the race. You will use this area twice, once to change from your swim to your bike, and the second time from your bike to your run, so you need to know the ins and outs of this bustling area. The author suggests, walking around the transition are to find out where you will come out of the swim, and walk the route that you are going to do. In the entrance, make sure you know how many racks you have to run past before you get to your bike. Remember to choose a stationary object, the article advises.

Bicycling Nutrition for Triathletes
This is a useful article about the usefulness of eating during triathlon preparation. Although putting on weight sounds like what an athlete doesn't need and shouldn't do, food is the fuel that makes that bike go up every one of those pesky and oh so steep hills, and it keeps your feet spinning even through the strongest of headwinds. The article suggests, eating munchies (fig bars, bites of energy bars, bananas) and drinking a sports drink while you ride. This will keep your blood sugar from dropping too much while you ride. This is critical for any ride more than two hours long, especially. If your blood sugar drops too low you will "bonk," as triathletes call it.

Bicycle Maintenance Guide
This handy guide includes information about maintaining your bicycle. Because there are many aspects and pieces associated with bike maintenance, it's important to have a comprehensive guide. This one includes driving, wheels, steering and more. The steering page discusses drop handlebars, aero bars and triathlon bars. The most common types are clamped to the top of the handlebars. There are many different types, and the author's favorite is Syntace, despite the prices that border on extortion (little required pieces of plastic need to be bought separately at unreal prices). They clamp on the thick inner part of the handlebars, leaving more room for holding the top of the handlebars, they have a very low height and comfortable and adjustable armrests, and they have just the right length and a steep front that doesn't require bending the wrists too much, the author notes.

History of Bicycling
Like most historical topics, the history of the bicycle is often debated. This website provides a few links about bicycle history for the athlete enthusiasts. books will state that Pierre and Ernest Michaux, the French father and son team of carriage-makers, invented the first bicycle during the 1860s. Historians now disagree and there is evidence that the bicycle is older than that appears. But historians do agree that Ernest Michaux did invent the modern bicycle pedal and cranks in 1861. You can read on at this website for more history of the bicycling industry.

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