About BetterHomeOrganization.com

BetterHomeOrganization.com is a directory of editor-written reviews of non-commercial resources on the Web that provides advice, tips, how-to knowledge and other useful information to help you better organize your home and family life. These resources cover a range of subjects, from goal setting and time management, to organizing such things as family reunion and air travel with children.

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BetterHomeOrganization.com is a member of the Benefic Network.

About the Benefic Network

The Benefic Network is a directory of non-commercial Web resources on a plethora of topics of interest to consumers. These non-commercial resources offer tips, advice, how-to structions—just about any information that is both useful and objective.

Why the Benefic Network

While the World Wide Web is indisputably the greatest medium for quickly gathering useful information on just about any topic, it can still be a frustrating experience trying to gain access to the information you seek.

Search engines are the most popular tool for accessing information. And Internet search can be a potent tool, indeed. But for many consumers, it is not always quick and easy to find the useful information they seek through search engines, because most searches on common topics yield a long list of commercial results, i.e., sites trying to sell products. The way around this is to make more complex, sophisticated searches, but the reality is that most consumers are not sophisticated researchers, for the simple reason that this is not what they do professionally.

Web directories such as Yahoo!, Google Directory and the Open Directory Project can be more helpful because they at least enable you to drill down to specific categories or topics. However, they too are cluttered with commercial sites selling products. The best directories require submission, and commercial entities are the most motivated and aggressive in gaining inclusion.

Yet another approach is sites or networks that use human editors to select and suggest Web resources on various topics. This can be very useful. However, this approach mirrors the print paradigm of the specialty magazine where the editor makes all the calls. There’s nothing wrong with this. It just doesn’t take advantage of the enormity of the Web and the freedom of the individual to explore and discover among nearly unlimited possibilities.

The Benefic Network does not claim to be the panacea to gaining quick access to the information you need. But we think many Web consumers will welcome our approach of a fairly comprehensive, large directory of strictly non-commercial resources pertaining to a given topic of interest.

The Benefic Network: Today and Tomorrow

Because there is so much great, useful information to be found on the Web, and it is being added every day, the Benefic Network can never be complete. It will always be a work in progress.

Our growth strategy is to enroll individuals interested in becoming part of our network and sharing in advertising revenue. Thus, different individuals build and maintain their own websites on different topics, while being integrated into the Benefic Network. They provide their own site design and research and write reviews of Web resources.

This is not the model of the all-controlling editor, because the goal of any site is to provide the consumer with as many good relevant resources as can be found. The only editorial judgment that is rendered is whether a particular resource is potentially worthwhile: one resource is not excluded at the expense of another.

The Benefic Network is new and, having just begun, its usefulness to both consumers and advertisers is highly limited. But we will continue to grow. So check back often.